How to Tie a Meh Dai (Mei Tai)

This post will show you many ways in which to tie a Meh Dai (Mei Tai).

Mei Dai Baby Boomba

What is a Meh Dai (Mei Tai)?

A Meh Dai (Mei Tai) is a Chinese Traditional Baby Carrier that consists of a decorated panel of fabric that is attached to 2 or more belts or sashes. The use of the Meh Dai was to relieve the mom’s hands while she does work around the house, tending to the fields or even just shopping the markets on the streets.

What makes it an authentic Chinese Traditional Baby Carrier?
One that your grandma or mom gave you or one where you purchase off the streets of Chinatown! These ones rarely have any safety instructions or liability clauses. 🙂

Mei Dai Baby Boomba

Left: 1977, a picture of me in the late 70’s sporting a Meh Dai with my doll in Macau (my birth place). My grandmother often carried me in one of her Meh Dai’s.
Right: 2017, a picture of me and my 8 month old in a Meh Dai given to me as a gift from my mom who recently went on a trip to Macau to see family. This Chinese Traditional Meh Tai sold for about $80 CDN.

Some fashionable retailers that make Meh Dai’s!

Petunia Pickle Bottom
by Moby
by Moby Baby
Petunia Pickle Bottom
by Moby

How to Tie a Mei Dai Video Instructions

Western Meh Dai ~ Front Carry

Western Meh Dai ~ Back Carry

Chinese Traditional Meh Dai ~ Back Carry
(This is the way my mom taught me)

Chinese Traditional Meh Dai ~ Hip Carry

Final Thoughts

There are numerous ways to carry your baby using a Meh Dai. Do what fits you! Personally, I find the back carry a little challenging trying to do it by yourself but it does take patience and practice!

I also love the fact that Meh Dai’s come in so many different fabrics and colours. I had even made some Meh Dai’s for friends back in the day, but if you do sew them, make sure that you use really good industrial quality thread and sturdy fabric.

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