Things I grew up with: a paint brush and canvas / a 2B pencil and a sketch book / a pair of knitting needles and some yarn / a piano and sheet music

I always loved creating. When I was 18, I worked a one year co-op placement in the graphics department of a Bank where Corel Draw 3.0 was the leading design program and where mechanical paste-upruby film and camera ready art were the lingo. As 1994 rolled around with the dawn of computer graphic design and the beginnings of the “Information Superhighway”, I became infatuated with design and typography which led me to pursue an Honours Degree in Fine Arts.

Over the next decade, I’ve worked with a variety of companies ranging from Photo/Video studios (Where I had the pleasure of editing over 150 weddings. Yes that is almost 9000 hours of watching bridezillas!), Children’s Publishing, IT, Print Houses and Multimedia + Interactive Design Studios.

2007 marked a big year. After this dude came about, I decided to take the huge leap and start freelancing on my own at Marina Duque. I was fully prepared to starve to death like my high school teacher once said. Ignoring the 8 voices in my head, I also decided to start this little company Baby Boomba, after I became obsessed with fabric designs. I was inspired to create my own line of plushy bamboo goodies fit for baby and toddler. As a child, my mom taught me how to sew, and I’ve reconnected with this love of creating truly one of a kind pieces. Thanks to my little man who has inspired me to start this journey, I have truly enjoyed it and will embrace every creative process along the way. But it doesn’t stop there! During that same year, my husband and I also started a technical event management company called Q ideas Inc. where I am largely responsible for marketing, design and administration. Most recently, in 2016, we have launched another division called Rendered Spaces, where we specialize in 2D + 3D floor plan designs.

But really, every thing I do almost always gravitates back to my love for creative design and art. Whether it be fabrics choices and home decor, picking up a paintbrush, architecture and floor plan designs, or glaring at social media icons for 5 hours, none of these will ever tire me out.