How to Sooth a Colicky Baby

We were blessed with a Colicky Baby (as you can see below when he was 4 months old). Thank goodness that baby is now 10 years old. And I can tell you he turned out to be an amazing, smart, respectful, loving, and generous kid.


What is Colic?

Many people think that colic is just endless crying. And they are absolutely correct, but there is a reason behind it.

Colic is an attack of crying and what appears to be abdominal pain in early infancy (babies). Colic is a common condition and is estimated to affect at least 20% of babies during their first few months.”

What causes Colic?

I personally believe its their digestive system that has not matured yet.

How to know if you baby has colic

Our baby was extremely mild mannered for the first week. We don’t think we even saw his eyeballs until the third day. He slept for most of the time. Then a week came. The crying started. It wasn’t general crying from hunger or a diaper change. It was constant crying and screaming around the clock. These were the first signs of colic for us.

The hospital emergency room

One night at 1 AM while doing a diaper change, the left side of his little belly looked like the bottom of an hour. We brought him to emergency. They took him in right away since he was only 19 days old. After an x-ray to determine that nothing was lodged in his GI tract, they came to the conclusion that the bloating was a huge gas pocket. The crying continued ALL night.

How did we know it was Colic?

Well it was quite obvious. After every feeding, he would get extremely fussy, pull his knees to his chest (from the gas pains) and start the crying. It was confirmed by the ER Doctor and an aunt who works at a High Risk Birthing Unit. Besides the colic, he was generally fussy. Setting him down in a swing would last 3 seconds before he would start screaming. He was a very high needs baby and needed to be held ALL the time.

Colic symptoms in newborns

Our (My) daily cycle consisted of:

  • Feed. Cry from gas for 3 hours. Sleep. Wake.
  • Feed. Cry from gas for 3 hours. Sleep. Wake.
  • Feed. Cry from gas for 3 hours. Sleep. Wake.
  • I’ll let you figure out the rest. This lasted all day and into the night.

How long does Colic last?

But, at the 5 week mark, I was ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We were literally enduring endless screaming and crying 24/7. Everywhere said that this colic thing can last up to 6 months. Whaaat! That sounded like an eternity! At 5 weeks, I needed help! The core of the colic was probably up to 3 months +. General Fussiness lasted until well over 6 months. But the therapy below did help immensely.

Things we tried to relive Colic

  • 3 types of Gripe Water (even scoping special West Indian Stores): None Worked
  • Massage as led by a book: Kind of worked
  • Swaddling: He hated it like the devil
  • OVOL Infant Baby Colic Drops: Was used like a second bottle
  • Shhhhhh in the ear: Nope
  • Yoga Ball: this was the only surefire way to make him stop crying. The only thing is, we would have to bounce on it 3 hours at a time. That ball was attached to us like underwear. Thankfully, I lost weight at the same time. So yes, this worked.
  • Football hold: Worked!

Craniosacral Therapy for Colic

So I did lots of research. I found that there was treatment for infants with colic. It’s called Craniosacral Therapy. Remember, this was 10 years ago back in 2007. And people were like “Huh? You’re bringing your 5 week old to an Osteopath? What is that? Are you insane?” So I replied, “Live in my house for 24 hours or even better 1 hour and then ask me that question again.”

Not many people knew about this type of care. But it is highly recommended that EVERY infant do this! We found an amazing expert who specializes in Craniosacral and Osteopathic Manual Therapy. His name is Mark Levine. We brought our baby to do 4 sessions with him. Half an hour each session over the span of 2 weeks. The first session, Mark bent him into a shape of a the letter “U”. This may sound scary to you, but it really wasn’t. And the baby let out about the same amount of gas as a 220 pound guy after eating a plate of tacos. And then he had the worst diarrhea ever. So you think it was gas?

After the end of it all, he was a like a “new man”. Or course, he wasn’t 100% cured from colic. But his fussiness had dramatically changed. He could then sit content in a swing for 14 minutes. That was a great accomplishment.

How we kept our sanity

We didn’t. But if you are going through this, remember it does stop as their digestive systems matures. We were also lucky to have my mom help out ALOT. I won’t sugar coat it either. The general fussiness did linger for awhile. And because of the colic, he was constantly attached to us so we could calm him. As a result, I think that this developed a greater separation anxiety.

Our second child

Thankfully, baby number two is quite the opposite. He is a super chill and an easy going baby. He did have some gas issues at first, but a quick natural remedy for that was the BioGaia Drops (which didn’t exist 10 years ago).

Best baby Colic drops for treatment of Colic

Gerber Little Remedies Colic Calm Mommy’s Bliss

Colic Resources

Mark Levine
He is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario and I would HIGHLY recommend him even if your baby is not colicky. He also works on mom too! I talked with several other parents who swear that every baby should be “adjusted”!

Fussy Baby
An excellent resource for any parent dealing with fussy, colicky and high-need babies.

Did your baby have colic? What did you do to relieve colic? How did you keep your sanity?

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