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About Baby Boomba

Baby BoombaHere I am pictured on the left in the late 70’s when I was probably less than 2 years old sporting a Meh Dai with my doll.

I started Baby Boomba in 2007, six months after having my first child. I wanted a place where I can showcase the best and prettiest Baby Slings out there. Baby Boomba quickly became my biggest passion and I turned it into a business where I was able to create my own lush line of eco baby gear. You can find my ETSY shop here.

In late 2016, yes that’s almost 10 years later!, I had my second child at the and my website is still kickin’ around. In the past 10 years, I’ve been busy with my other businesses, learned alot, and grew more wiser. I hope to bring you some really great writing on baby wearing, parenting (especially now that I’m in my 40’s with a new baby!), and entrepreneurship with kids.

There is no one true answer that fits parenting. My motto is, if it works for you, then go for it. I can only offer what I have experienced…. and 10 years after having your first child and having another, you don’t really care about all the little things the next time around! As long as you get to sleep at night! (Which by the way, is still very much a work in progress!).

In the meantime, my day job consists of designing and teaching design.

Here we are below 2017!